Mobile camera
for any site

We offer the best and most complete mobile camera surveillance for every site, which provides a sense of safety and peace of mind. We secure and monitor your site using smart camera technology and a precise and accurate detection system.

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The all-in-one solution for mobile camera surveillance

PICSEE offers an all-in-one solution for mobile camera surveillance, consisting of a compact lockable steel cabinet with built-in electronics and a telescopic mast. It is equipped with a 4G router, a 2, 4, or 8 TB video/data recorder, battery pack, Axis Communications cameras, LED lighting, and a speaker or Strobe Siren.

Mobile camera masts

For any site

Our camera masts are deployable on any terrain

bouwterrein beveiliging

Construction site

Construction site security

parkeerplaats beveiliging

Parking lot

Parking lot security


Solar park

Solar park security

infra beveiliging

Infrastructure projects security


Everything you need for optimal security

The PICSEE security mast can be fully customized to meet your requirements at all times. The multifunctional PICSEE system ensures that everything is adaptable, even afterwards. Choose the desired camera(s), lighting, speaker, battery, and software to ensure your premises are always optimally secured. Contact us for personalized advice!

Observant. Alert. Vigilant.

Due to the secure connection, the camera can be configured remotely, and the software can be updated. Installing our box is straightforward and flexible, but we are always happy to assist you when needed.

The advantage of working remotely with PICSEE is not only more effective but also much more efficient. Just like configuration, we can easily perform software updates remotely as well.

Our technicians do not have to be physically present to provide maintenance, which significantly reduces operational costs. This makes PICSEE’s solution highly cost-effective.


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