Mobile camera
for any site

We offer the best and most complete mobile camera surveillance for every site, which provides a sense of safety and peace of mind. We secure and monitor your site using smart camera technology and a precise and accurate detection system.

Unrivaled video surveillance

Convenience. Reliability. Durability.

Picsee offers the ultimate mobile camera surveillance solution and oversees your belongings, equipment, staff and visitors where and when needed. Prevents damage and uninvited guests. Applicable at any site, such as construction sites,  parking spaces lots,  real estate,  solar farms parks,  wind farms, and power plants.

The all-in-one mobile camera surveillance solution

Everything you need to optimally secure your site.

Picsee offers an all-in-one mobile camera surveillance solution consisting of a compact, lockable steel case with built-in electronics and a telescopic mast. It is equipped with a 4G router, a 2TB video/data recorder, battery pack, AXIS Communications cameras, LED lighting, and a speaker system.

Continuous insight

Connected immediately. Continuous insight via the Axis app.

Watch what is happening on your property live; anytime, anywhere. Is there an incident at your property? You receive a notification immediately so as to take instant action. And you can retrieve the images and look back. The feed is razor-sharp, giving you a clear picture of what is happening.

Picsee security cam mobile app

Construction site security

Construction site security

Considering the large number of valuable materials and items there, having the best possible security for your construction site is of great importance.

Parking lot security

Parking lot security

Use Picsee’s mobile security to secure your vehicles and their contents.

Vacancy and real estate security

Vacant houses and real estate projects are excellent opportunities for thieves and vandals as well as for testing security.

Event security

With Picsee, you can map the entire event site and oversee everything. That is how you are always in control.

Solar park security

Security at solar parks is a prime concern, given the capital-intensive technology and equipment.

Wind farm security

The Picsee secures your wind farm effectively and efficiently.

Power plant security

Because of its size, securing power plants is often a costly and challenging task. Not for Picsee!

Infra-project security

Infra-works are large and extensive and therefore particularly suitable for Picsee’s 360 degree camera.


Superb quality

The security box is made of galvanized steel. It is resistant to almost any weather conditions, low maintenance, and durable. The box has been tested extensively and is equipped with high-resolution cameras by AXIS Communications.


The box measures only 100×100 cm, making it very compact. The stabilization legs make it suitable for any site. In addition, Picsee can be installed quickly, and the software can be updated remotely. That saves a lot of time and money.

Tailor-made security

Our security box can be fully adapted to your needs. It can be equipped with cameras, speakers, LED lighting, batteries for autonomous operation, and high-quality cameras with a 180- or 360-degree perspective.

Low total cost of ownership

The smartly designed security box, high quality components, and durable cameras ensure a long life. Remote updates and maintenance save you time and money.