About Picsee

It is 2009 when 19-year-old Dave van Dartel installs his first security cameras. With his enthusiasm, attention to customers, and focus on service, he is building a clientele. Through word of mouth, the predecessor of Construction Cam has grown into an expert in the security of villas, office buildings, and factories.

Qualitatively, the bar is gradually being raised. Grainy cameras are redeemed for HD quality, better components ensure extended life, and data security is the top priority. Years ago, Dave converted to Axis Communications. The Swedish manufacturer of cameras and accessories is in line with Construction Cam’s philosophy: delivering, caring for, maintaining, and increasingly perfecting an unrivaled user experience in the field of moving image.

In 2020, mobile security will be added to the worksite, and Picsee will be created: the mobile installation for the safety of construction sites, events, and other temporary projects. Years of developing, trying, disapproving, starting over, testing, and further improving lead to an innovative product that excels in image quality, ease of use, and safety. A dedicated team of builders signs for Picsee, supplemented by technology partner Axis Communications and commercial/logistics partner Collé Rental &Sales, for our users in the Benelux and Germany.

The Picsee is finished, and the users are ready: when do you enter the world of Construction Cam?

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With Picsee you are owlways protected.

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