Site security


Construction site security

Construction site security

Considering the large number of valuable materials and items there, having the best possible security for your construction site is of great importance.

Parking lot security

Parking lot security

Use Picsee’s mobile security to secure your vehicles and their contents.


Vacancy and real estate security

Vacant houses and real estate projects are excellent opportunities for thieves and vandals as well as for testing security.

Event security

With Picsee, you can map the entire event site and oversee everything. That is how you are always in control.

Solar park security

Security at solar parks is a prime concern, given the capital-intensive technology and equipment.

Wind farm security

The Picsee secures your wind farm effectively and efficiently.

Power plant security

Because of its size, securing power plants is often a costly and challenging task. Not for Picsee!

Infra-project security

Infra-works are large and extensive and therefore particularly suitable for Picsee’s 360 degree camera.

Securing your site

Securing your site from outsiders can be done in various ways, but above all must be done quickly and adequately. Picsee offers a solution for every type of site, enabling you to know when unwanted visitors enter your site.

Our mobile site security can be placed on any site, keeps an eye on things, and sends an immediate warning when something is amiss.

Benefits of site security

Site security allows you to promptly detect burglars or unwanted persons and reduce the risk of damage or theft. However, our Picsee does much more and offers a total package that gives you control over the site. The advantages of our Picsee for your site security?

Tailor-made site security

No site is the same, and therefore the security must also be tailor-made. That is why you can set up Picsee’s mobile site security yourself to match your needs. In our discussion, you can indicate which solutions are needed to secure your site. We are happy to advise you on the best additions for your own Picsee.

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Security cameras

Our system operates on Axis Communications CCTV. This detects every burglar and monitors all activities. The cameras are of high quality, which is reflected in the images, which are also high resolution. You can zoom in on suspicious situations so that everything is clearly visible. We use 180- and 360-degree cameras so that no area of the site remains unguarded.

Control from home

Site security must also be controllable when no one is present. That is why our monitoring system is easy to control remotely via a secure connection. This way, you can set everything up and immediately see what is going on in the case of an intruder. The advantage of the remote-controlled software is that the updates are also done remotely, saving that cost as well.

Additional additions

For the best site security, you can have various applications added to the Picsee. For example, we have a 6-meter long mast so that every corner of the site becomes visible and LED lighting to be able to visualize everything well at night. Other additions to the site protection include a speaker to appeal to intruders and a battery to ensure security for at least 24 hours if the power supply is lost.

The best security for your property?

Whether you have to secure a building site, solar park, or parking lot, with Picsee your site is always optimally secured. Contact us to discuss the possibilities for your specific needs!