Construction site security

Construction site security

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Optimal construction site security

If you consider the number of valuable materials that can be found there, the best possible security for your construction site is important. However, construction site security is often inadequate without camera surveillance. This leads to theft and vandalism, causing considerable damage. Picsee offers suitable security that seeks to end unwanted visitors.

Mobile construction site security

Protecting a construction site is not easy. It is often large, rough and uneven, and therefore difficult to secure. We developed a mobile security system that can be placed on any surface, due to its stabilization legs. The system is easy to move and controls the entire site thanks to its various smart applications. Problems associated with destruction or theft on an unsecured building site are definitely a thing of the past with Picsee’s security capabilities.

Continuous construction site security

During the day, construction sites do not often experience problems because of the building activity. But at night it is usually secluded and prone to unwanted intruders. Temporary security at the construction site ensures that our cameras keep watch day and night. Picsee’s built-in LED lighting allows close monitoring during the night and deterrence of intruders. Our Picsee protects your premises against uninvited guests and monitors your materials and tools 24/7.

Identifying and chasing off intruders

Prompt identification of intruders is crucial for security at your construction site. To achieve that, Picsee uses camera surveillance from Axis Communications, known for know for it’s high-quality products. It brings intruders into sharp focus. In addition, with Picsee you can intervene directly in the event of incidents. The loudspeaker allows you to address and expel unauthorized persons, and the camera images can be viewed remotely. Everything is aimed at making your construction site as safe as possible.
Efficient placement
Realizing security solutions on your construction site is a time-consuming and challenging task. With the help of our mobile and user-friendly box, you can do so easily and quickly. One of the advantages is that the cameras can be controlled remotely via a secure connection. No one has to come by to set everything up, and you can quickly monitor all activity on your construction site.
Install your construction site security immediately!

Make sure your construction site is safe and monitored by a reliable security system. This way, you prevent damage and keep intruders out. Take a look at the possibilities of the Picsee and fully customize your construction site security!