Event security

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Security at events

Security at events with many people is a must-have. Not only because of on site equipment but also for crowd control purposes. Our mobile security equipment contributes to a safer event and help prevent damage.


Overview and control through event security

Large events require security. A good overview is necessary to manage the flow of visitors and intervene quickly at critical moments. With the help of Picsee, you can map the entire site and maintain an overview of what happens. You are always in control thanks to the cameras and their special applications, such as the loudspeaker.

Benefits of the Picsee

Eyes everywhere with camera surveillance

Our Picsee offers the possibility to provide the entire site with CCTV. High-resolution cameras from Axis Communications monitor every movement on the ground in razor-sharp detail. Your eyes are everywhere, and you control security personnel on the ground using the camera images. This way, you can get to incidents promptly, and damage to equipment or disturbances with visitors can be prevented faster.

Mobile surveillance

Your event site can be quite large and rough, which makes securing with cameras a lot more complicated. Our mobile security equipment can be placed anywhere you want. Its stabilization legs and the 7-meter long extendable mast allow you to place it anywhere, and there is always an overview of the entire site.

Usable day and night

Security isn’t just necessary during the event, surveillance is also needed before and after, especially at night. To prevent theft or damage, you can use the Picsee day and night. With the help of LED lighting, the site is constantly monitored by cameras, even in the dark. It keeps your site safe even at night, and everything is monitored.

A safe event due to camera security

Do you want the best security for your event site to make everything run safely? Let the Picsee be your eyes to monitor the entire site, both during the day and at night. Then you can rest assured that your site is secure.