Parking lot security

Parking lot security


Vehicle security

Looking to secure your parking lot? Use Picsee’s mobile security to secure all your vehicles and their contents. This ensures optimal monitoring of every parking facility and monitors unwanted activities through our cameras.
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The importance of parking lot security

A parking lot is a place where criminals try to strike. Stealing valuables from cars or the theft or vandalism of vehicles makes security a priority. By definition, a parking lot is a large open area and a challenge to keep an eye on. A mobile security system is the solution to keep your parking space safe.

Why Picsee for your parking security?

Monitor everything with our high-quality cameras

Large parking lots with many expensive cars and other high-quality equipment are captured in razor-sharp images by our camera system. The seven-meter mast offers optimal security. Thanks to the LED lighting, everything is also visible at night, and the quality cameras from Axis Communications control everything.

Immediately up and running
If an incident happens in the parking lot, you want to know immediately. That is why you can control the security system remotely and view its images directly. A secure VPN connection that runs through the Picsee’s E-box makes that happen. This connection also ensures that we install software updates remotely and set up the system without being physically present. This way, we are always directly connected to the security of your parking space.
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Ensure optimal parking lot security
As an administrator, you want to prevent damage to vehicles in your parking lot or the theft of items at all costs. Good surveillance contributes to this, and that’s precisely what Picsee offers. A system that is easy to use and effective. We offer the optimal security for your parking lot.