Real estate/vacant properties security

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Important security

Why is vacancy and/or property security so important? Vacant buildings are usually a magnet for intruders and vandals. Unfortunately, this is often accompanied by considerable damage and, therefore, also substantial costs. It is therefore essential to install the excellent security of your vacant properties and other real estate. Picsee helps you with temporary security that keeps an eye on everything when you can’t be there.

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Why security in case of vacancy?

Vacancy attracts the attention of unwanted visitors. Leftover materials are of interest to thieves, but arson is also common in vacant buildings. Moreover, vacancy must remain vacant until you decide otherwise, and unwanted people should be kept out. That is why mobile security is indispensable for these types of premises. You prevent access of unauthorized persons to the property and hence prevent unnecessary damage.

Ongoing supervision of real estate

If you have access to real estate that is vacant and needs to be monitored, you can continuously safeguard it with the help of mobile security. Our security system keeps things under control 24/7 and ensures that every unwanted activity is immediately detected and transmitted. This way, physical presence is not continuously required, while you can be sure that everything is protected from intruders or unwanted guests.

Possibilities vacancy and real estate security

To optimally secure your real estate, we can set up our temporary security system any way you wish. There are multiple solutions to ensure that everything is and remains safe. For example, you can use:
Camera surveillance

Cameras are monitoring your space for you. This is done using our Axis Communications’ 180- or 360-degree cameras which continuously monitor everything, immediately detect the slightest movement, and zooms in on any problems. The system notifies you and presents high-resolution images.

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Picsee is equipped with LED lighting that can be switched on or off remotely, and with green lights to monitor your valuables.


The built-in speaker enables you to address unwanted guests. This can be done via a live connection or previously recorded audio clip. It helps you deter and drive out any intruder. It is also possible to communicate with visitors one-on-one via the speaker.


Vacant buildings or real estate must be protected at all times, even in the event of power failure. To avoid interruption of security, the Picsee has an emergency power supply that keeps it up and running. That way everything remains secure, even when the power goes out.

Secure vacant real estate?

Are you looking for suitable temporary security to guard and secure your vacant real estate? Then we help you develop a tailor-made solution with our Picsee. Every unwanted intruder is spotted and recorded. We ensure that no unnecessary damage is done to your property.