Infrastructure project security

Infra projecten beveiliging

Securing infrastructure projects

Given the often remote locations, securing infra-projects is a challenging but essential task. With Picsee’s mobile security, we can provide all infrastructure projects with surveillance cameras and promptly detect intruders. This way, your infra-project is optimally secured and is monitored day in and day out by our camera systems.

beveiliging infra-projecten

Protecting building materials

Infrastructural projects are often located in more remote areas. That makes them difficult to shut down and especially difficult to guard. Still, expensive building materials are usually stored on these sites. Unfortunately, infra-projects often fall victim to burglars or vandalism. By installing mobile security, we can prevent this and ensure that your infrastructure project can continue as planned.

Deterring intruders with security of infra-projects

The Picsee consists of a complete system that is equipped with high-quality Axis Communications’ cameras.
In addition, we have several ways to deter detected intruders. Here is how to equip the Picsee with:

This allows us to put intruders on camera, illuminate them, or address them. Everything to ensure that your infrastructural project is not damaged.

Flexible solutions for securing infra-projects

Infrastructural works are usually located in outdoor areas without shelter. This makes a good, temporary security device a challenge. The Picsee offers a flexible solution. Its solid construction, reinforced with stabilization legs, make it highly mobile on any site. This way, you have advanced camera surveillance, and your project is always safe.

Secure remote connection

To avoid the need for personnel to be present to keep the site safe, the Picsee has various possibilities at a distance. Not only can you set up the cameras remotely, but the lighting can also be controlled separately from home or office. In addition, you can also view the images of the cameras remotely via the recorder. Also the software updates can be done remotely. This saves costs as no staff is needed to visit on location. All this is done via a secure VPN connection established by the modem in the Picsee. It makes our mobile security device an ideal solution for the security of your infrastructure project.

Your infrastructure project security

Are you looking for a solution to optimally secure your infrastructure project? View the possibilities of the flexible and tailor-made Picsee for monitoring the site and materials. We provide a complete solution for your security.