Power plant security

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Security at power plants

Monitoring power plants is costly and complicated. But not with Picsee’s help! Thanks to mobile security equipment, we monitor all activities on the entire site and ensure a safe power plant. Curious about the possibilities? Let our specialists install customized mobile security on your premises. And it is good to know that the team behind Picsee is developing an explosion-proof installation for deployment under demanding conditions, such as in the chemical industry and at power plants.

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Securing remote sites

Power plants are remote sites and interesting for intruders or vandals. Especially given the often expensive equipment that can be found there. Mobile security helps you optimize your overview of the premises. Thanks to our CCTV offenders are identified promptly.

Remote Picsee

With the Picsee, you can keep remote control over the security of the power plant. For example:

Tailor-made lighting

For night security, we supply the Picsee with LED lighting that ensures that cameras monitor valuables even in the dark. In addition, the LED lighting can be custom-set, for example, so it lights up when detecting an intruder. This helps to prevent crime. In addition, you can enable the lights separately from each other, without being physically present. You can choose different lamps with an angle of up to 30 degrees so that every corner of your site can be illuminated.

Emergency power

Camera surveillance should detect undesirable activity on the premises at any time. Even when the power goes out. In the event of power failure, or if intruders manage to cut off the power, Picsee keeps the environment under control. Thanks to the emergency power supply, the cameras keep running. This keeps the situation under control, and you supervise, even if the power goes out.

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Secure your power plant

Want 24/7 monitoring of your power plant without having to spend bins of money on staff? For the security of these large sites, turn on the Picsee. Our mobile security cameras monitor your power plant and keep a close eye on everything for more safety.