Security at solar parks

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Solar park security

Security of solar parks: its equipment is very valuable. Continuous physical presence is not usually practical. We offer mobile security for your solar park, which is continuously monitored by our cameras; to prevent damage.

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Valuable security of solar parks

A solar park is full of valuable equipment. Panels, cables, and inverters can be the target of theft or vandalism, causing significant damage. Surveillance is critical given their high value. With the Picsee, you can keep control of what is happening at your solar farm day and night without hiring staff to be present at all times.

Signaling intruders

The security system’s cameras continuously scan for intruders at your site. Your solar park is supervised and any visitor is detected. Cameras zoom in at the slightest undesirable activity so the situation is in view. At any moment you can monitor what is happening remotely. In addition, various applications allow you to intervene instantly.

Remote control

The most significant advantage of Picsee is that you can keep your premises under control remotely. You control the cameras remotely and map everything. Any updates can be installed from home by our technicians as well. This saves operational costs and makes Picsee easy and efficient. Without physical presence, you control security at your solar farm.

Custom security

Of course, security at your solar park can be adjusted to your needs. We can fully customize the system and even match it to your corporate identity. Standard components include a speaker to address intruders and lighting to see everything well at night. A battery in case of power loss, and a 7-meter high mast to oversee the entire site with the cameras. Your special wishes can be met from the extensive range of Axis Communications. For example with explosion-proof or infrared cameras. With the Picsee, the security of your solar park is truly tailor-made!

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We secure your solar farm

Let us take care of the security of your solar park, and you will know control what is happening at any time. Every intruder is spotted, and the park is monitored 24/7. With Picsee’s tailor-made security, you will have all you need for a safe solar park.