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You need more than just Camera surveillance

You need more than just Camera surveillance

You need more than just camera surveillance to secure your site. Many companies offer simple camera installations to put you at ease. But times have changed: thieves and other intruders can sneak in undetected in many different ways. That’s why Picsee focuses on maximum security for every terrain.

Maximum security

Prevention is better than cure; that’s a wise lesson that you probably already have learned. This wisdom also applies to the security of your site. You would rather invest in maximum security than pay the costs of a lot of damage and theft afterwards. Because Picsee values the safety of your site, our Axis cameras are equipped with motion detection and are therefore even better able to keep unwanted guests out of your property.

Advantages of detection systems

Video motion detection has a number of clear advantages: – It’s impossible to monitor every part of the site with cameras; – Makes CCTV much more efficient. By combining the various services of Picsee, you eliminate the greatest risks.

Prevent burglary wit speakers

Part of Picsee’s effect is its deterrent effect: preventing an unwanted person from entering your property. With the speakers, a system broadcasts a pre-recorded message. Or you can call something live through the system. For example, there can be announced that recordings have been made and that the police have being called. In fact, the video images from Picsee can be sent live to the emergency centre.

Smart software

All our systems use smart software. So, you don’t have to worry about one system being inferior to another. For example, Picsee’s cameras can connect to your phone or tablet, and of course the emergency centre, via VPN or peer-to-peer connections. This makes them less likely to hack, leaving cyber criminals behind.

Security Experts

If you want to protect your site with the latest technology as much as possible, it’s a good choice to purchase the Picsee security systems. Not only do we offer camera installations with smart software, but we also offer an unmissable detection system and speakers that can broadcast clearly audible messages with a built-in microphone. For more information about these secure systems, please contact Picsee. Our security experts can work with you to determine which system will suits best at your site. After which you can choose the appropriate security. We hope to be able to contribute to the security of your business, construction or private property!

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