How to secure your site preventively?

How to secure your site preventively?

You are not looking forward to it: precious building materials that are missing, stolen goods or a company car that is nowhere to be seen. The construction or business area that you prefer to protect as well as possible is vulnerable without the right security. Picsee offers you many different ways to protect preventively.

Perpetrators in the picture

You already know Picsee from the camera masts that we supply to construction and industrial sites in the Netherlands and abroad. But often a camera is especially useful if a burglary has already taken place. Only then the perpetrators are properly identified, while the chance that they will escape increases. To avoid the risk of damage or theft, you can opt for systems that immediately deter intruders before they can enter the site.

Police on the way

An effective way to do this is with speakers. Picsee features loud models that treat unwanted guests to a siren or voice message. This can be recorded in advance, but it is even possible to transmit a live message. The system is also in contact with your phone and the emergency centres. So, you can rest assured that the police will be on their way if there is a break-in. Another advantage of such a speaker: it can be heard far beyond the terrain, so the message is delivered loud and clear no matter what.

Speakers are concealed in the mobile box

The speaker is concealed in the same mobile box as the camera mast. The concealed sound system is not visible from the outside, which makes the warning a big surprise. This also makes it difficult to switch off, because the location of the sound source is difficult to trace. The speaker can be activated by various triggers. For example, one of the cameras may have spotted a suspicious figure. There is also security on the mobile cabinets from Picsee, so when they are forced the alarm of the speakers also goes off.

Lights on

At Picsee we also use another way to deter intruders, which is not often used by other security companies: by turning on the light. We don’t just use LED lighting to be better illuminate the terrain for the cameras to see. These lights can be turned on and off remotely. The literally dazzling result deters intruders because they do not expect the bright light, and because they are suddenly easy to see. As well as on your recording.

Investing in preventive measures

At Picsee we always advise to invest in good cameras, but also invest in preventing many burglaries on your property by taking preventive measures. You can do this by having an internal speaker installed in the mobile box, under the camera mast. And by investing in LED lighting, you not only provide permanent illumination of the site, but also deters when the light switch is automatically turned on by the alarm system. We would like to get in touch with you, so that our security experts can determine which systems suits at your construction or business site. You can also request a quote directly via our website. Don’t wait any longer and start your search for a preventive security system at Picsee! Contact us.

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