Mobile camera masts

Interested in buying a mobile camera mast?

A customized all-in-one solution

PICSEE camera masts come with a compact steel box that offers versatile applications, such as security, lighting, and speaker installations. Due to stabilizing legs and easy installation, it can be used on any terrain.

Furthermore, the PICSEE can be equipped with electronic installations tailored to the user’s specific needs, including lighting, speakers, batteries, and cameras. The possibilities are vast, and the entire setup can be customized.

You have the option to buy, lease, or rent the mobile camera mast. Request a quote now!


Safety & Quality

Picsee boasts a secure VPN connection and/or peer-to-peer connection. Its high-resolution cameras provide superb images, enabled by our uncompromising focus on quality. Moreover, Axis cameras are less vulnerable to cyber attacks and more durable with low service costs.


All software updates, camera calibration and configuration can be executed online, saving time and money. In addition, Picsee is using smart software to limit false alarms.


The security box is lockable and is equipped with lifting eyes for safe supply and discharge. Log in to the customer portal for easy access to software providing you with free live feed and offering remote control of the cameras.

Complete access

Picsee provides a complete overview of the site and the activities that take place there.

Tijdelijke beveiliging


  • For cameras without night vision
  • Options for lens angles of 30-, 60- or 120-degrees
  • Turn off remotely, individually


  • Axis Communications cameras
  • High-quality image
  • Features intelligent software and laser focus
  • Both 180- and 360-degree cameras are an option


  • Up to 7 meters high
  • Telescopic mast
  • Unthread by using a hand winch with steel cable


  • Directly address trespassers
  • Option to preset an audio clip
  • Automated audio plays as soon as a trespasser is detected or if the cabinet is forcibly opened


  • Provides security in the event of a power failure
  • Can go without power for up to 24 hours
  • Optional additional battery for 48 hours without power


  • Modem
  • Input/output
  • Recorder
  • Midspan
  • Computer
  • Inverter

Security box

  • Mobile security
  • Completely stainless steel
  • Equipped with Stabilization Legs
  • Very compact & user-friendly


  • Viligant
  • Alert
  • Observant

Suitable for any site

Compact security box with and without electronics

The PICSEE Security box is a compact steel box with versatile applications such as security, lighting, and speaker installations. Thanks to stabilizing legs and easy installation, it can be used on any terrain.

Furthermore, the PICSEE can be equipped with electronic installations tailored to the user’s specific needs, including lighting, speakers, batteries, and cameras. The possibilities are vast, and the entire setup can be customized.

For optimal overview on any terrain, the mobile installation features a 7-meter high mast. The telescopic mast can be easily extended vertically using a hand winch. Moreover, the complete security box can be delivered in your company’s branding. Since we have in-house production, adjustments to the steel frame are also possible.


High-quality Security Boxes

The security boxes are durable and entirely made of galvanized steel. They are resilient against external impacts (water-resistant) and vandalism.


Great user-friendliness

The smart design ensures great user-friendliness. Our security box comes with stabilizing legs as standard, making it suitable for almost any type of terrain.


Custom design and thoroughly tested

Based on our own experiences, we have developed the perfect in-house security box. Due to thorough testing and continuous improvement it has become the box it is today.


Produced in Europe

By manufacturing our own design in a European factory, we have greater control, shorter logistical pipelines, easy coordination for any modifications and a smaller ecological footprint.

High image quality

with AXIS Communications security cameras

Achieve high quality images with Axis cameras. Due to these cameras, you can detect any unwanted visitors on your premises, ensuring 24/7 security for your construction site, parking lot, or solar park. The cameras utilize smart software and laser focus to maintain complete control of the situation. The quality is clearly evident in the images, allowing you to view every part of your property with exceptional clarity. Various camera configurations are available:

Always have insight, anytime and anywhere

Direct connection. Gain real-time insight anytime and anywhere with the Axis app.

Monitor live feeds of what’s happening on your premises, wherever you are. In the event of an incident, you receive immediate notifications, enabling you to take prompt action. You can also retrieve and review the footage. The stream is crystal clear, providing you with a clear view of events.

Picsee security cam mobile app

Security prevention

With LED lighting and speakers

Picsee provides security through camera surveillance, the possibility to look back at the video and actively respond to unwanted guests. Visitors can be addressed from afar by using the loudspeaker. LED lights may cause a shock reaction to unauthorized persons.
LED lighting

Also secured at night

LED lighting

LED lighting is a standard feature of Picsee. Special green LED lamps are mounted on the telescopic mast to illuminate the environment. This provides sufficient visibility in the dark. Any intruders will be illuminated and scared off. Your premises will be secured day and night.
tijdelijke beveiliging led verlichting

Enable separately

The smart I/O module enables the lighting to be switched on and off remotely. No physical presence required. You can even manage the lights individually!

Angle up to 30 degrees

The lights normally operate under a 120-degree angle. Optional Specials include lights at a 60 or even 30 degree angle. This allows you to increase focus. Combinations are possible to tailor the lighting to your security needs.

Green lighting

Picsee is equipped with green light. It is more environmentally friendly and better for flora and fauna. Less annoying to the local community and less light pollution. Green light provides excellent camera images.

Remote appeal


Deter unwanted visitors by addressing them via the AXIS speaker. This can be done live or with preset voice messages. Picsee produces a clear sound. This makes the speaker perfect for any outdoor environment in any climate. In case of an intruder, it is possible to address them directly using the built-in speaker. The speaker is incorporated into the mobile box and allows you to address unauthorized persons remotely. Picsee can also play a preset audio message when the cameras detect someone or as soon as the Picsee’s cabinet is tampered with. This offers the possibility to build in additional defenses in the security installation.


Smart software

With its smart software, this AXIS speaker offers the ideal solution. The speaker is an all-in-one unit with a built-in power amplifier and signal processing (DSP). Over and over again, the preconfigured digital signal processing produces clear, intelligible speech. The built-in memory supports pre-recorded voice messages. You can also respond to notifications or give instructions live. In addition, the AXIS speaker has a built-in microphone.


Crisp and clear communication

The network audio technology and the built-in preconfigured digital signal processor (DSP) allow you to communicate clearly with (unwanted) visitors. Also from a distance.

Neatly concealed and secured


Picsee’s E-box is the nerve center of the security installation. All technology is interconnected here. Its design is robust to prevent tampering. Moreover, Picsee excels at keeping everything organized, contrasting the tangle of cables and wires that you may witness elsewhere. Everything is neatly concealed in the Picsee E-box.

Remote updates

The security box is equipped with a 4G modem for viewing video images remotely. With its secure connection, the camera can be set up and its software updated from long distance. Installing Picsee at your site has never been easier or more flexible.
vpn picsee


The modem enables working remotely. We use a VPN tunnel to securely set up cameras and send images. You can also view the images remotely, allowing you to work faster without physical presence at all times.


The advantage of working remotely with Picsee: it is more effective and a lot more efficient. And not just for setting up; we also perform software updates remotely. As our technicians’ physical presence is not required, you save your money. It makes Picsee’s solution very cost-effective.

Looking back at images

Picsee records all camera images using the AXIS S3008 2TB Recorder. It is possible to connect 8 cameras to the recorder, and the recordings are stored on the internal hard drive. In the event of an incident, you can view the images captured by the cameras at that time. The images can be easily downloaded from the recorder or put directly on a USB stick. The product supports disk encryption, includes a 2TB surveillance-class hard drive, and comes with a three-year warranty to increase reliability and security.

vpn picsee
Safe and reliable

Thanks to the monitoring quality of the hard drive, the recorder provides reliable and razor-sharp images. Because of the encrypted recordings, you are assured that the data is protected and stored securely. The recorder has a USB port for exporting the images. In addition, Axis Secure Remote Access technology allows you easy access to the recordings; anytime, anywhere. The recorder comes with a 3-year warranty, so you can always rely on Axis’ first-class quality and reliability.



The recorder has been tested extensively using AXIS’s range of quality products to offer you an affordable, end-to-end solution with unsurpassed reliability. All hardware components, including the PoE switch and the monitoring-quality hard drive, have been validated to meet the requirements for reliable surveillance.



The Axis recorder contains user-friendly video management software. It’s easy to scale up from surveillance for a single location to surveillance for multiple sites and entire national chains.


Warranty in the event of a power failure

In the event of a power failure or interruption, Picsee will continue to monitor using special batteries. The battery takes over immediately and ensures that the Picsee continues to run for a long time to monitor your site. The inverter ensures that if the power goes out, it immediately switches to the battery. This happens in a split second, so you never miss any images.

Mobile off-grid system

If the power supply is interrupted, the battery takes over, and the Picsee continues to perform its security task. The box comes standard with one battery that ensures that the system continues to work. You can also opt for a double battery. Picsee develops an off-grid solution.

Seamless switching

The inverter ensures that, if the power goes out, you do not miss a single image. In a split second, the system switches from power to battery.

Mobile camera mast for every site

Construction site security

Construction site security

Considering the large number of valuable materials and items there, having the best possible security for your construction site is of great importance.

Parking lot security

Parking lot security

Use Picsee’s mobile security to secure your vehicles and their contents.


Vacancy and real estate security

Vacant houses and real estate projects are excellent opportunities for thieves and vandals as well as for testing security.

Event security

With Picsee, you can map the entire event site and oversee everything. That is how you are always in control.

Solar park security

Security at solar parks is a prime concern, given the capital-intensive technology and equipment.

Wind farm security

The Picsee secures your wind farm effectively and efficiently.

Power plant security

Because of its size, securing power plants is often a costly and challenging task. Not for Picsee!

Infra-project security

Infra-works are large and extensive and therefore particularly suitable for Picsee’s 360 degree camera.

Interested in temporary security?

Are you curious what we can do for your temporary security? Please feel free to contact us! We are happy to help you create a security plan or discuss the possibilities with you.