with a 180° camera

For a seamless panoramic coverage. Includes camera(s), lighting, speaker, and an I/O module for switching lamps and receiving power outage notifications. With a 180° view.

Versatile cameras

This mobile security mast comes with one 180° camera, but can be equipped with a second 180° camera to create a 360° view. You have the option to choose camera models Axis P3818-PVE, Axis Q3819-PVE, or Axis P4707-PLVE. The Axis P3818-PVE and Axis P4707-PLVE are particularly suitable for a 360° view due to their 180 by 90° field of view.

The Axis Q3819-PVE is a camera with 180 by 38° view, which can be remotely adjusted up or down. When using these back-to-back setups, you will need 3 lamps to illuminate the entire 360° view.

Powerful lamps

The mast includes 2 green 520 Nm lamps. Additionally, you have the option to choose between white 6000K and infrared 850 Nm lamps. Changing the lights can be done within five minutes, thanks to a waterproof connector that has the ability to be loosened. It’s possible to switch off the lights individually via the app. The mast is also equipped with an Axis C1310-E speaker, allowing you to address visitors as needed, even remotely.

Complete system

The PICSEE-180 includes:

An E box with:

Extra options

Complete the PICSEE-180 even more with:

Cameras PICSEE-180

Axis Q3819-PVE Panoramic Camera

The Axis Q3819-PVE with a resolution of 14 MP offers 180 degrees seamless panoramic coverage. At a glance, you have a perfect overview without any stitching between the four images. Axis Object Analytics detects and classifies people and vehicles according to specific needs. Additionally, it includes built-in motors for remote pan/tilt/roll functionality and offers smart integration with Axis network speakers using edge-to-edge technology.

Axis P3818-PVE Panoramic Camera

The multi-sensor camera Axis P3818-PVE offers seamless stitching of all images for a 180° panoramic overview. It is possible to mount two cameras back-to-back for a complete 360° view. Due to the edge-to-edge technology, adding support for audio-out via the Axis network speaker is easy, and audio-input directly into the camera allows for listening to transactions or incidents. Additionally, this camera has built-in cybersecurity features, including Axis Edge Vault.

AXIS P4707-PLVE Panoramic Camera

AXIS P4707-PLVE features 360° IR lighting with individually adjustable LEDs, allowing you to enjoy clear images and undistorted colors even in low light or complete darkness. It is possible to listen in during incidents by adding audio that can be directly connected to the audio input. Additionally, the camera offers edge storage for extra security.

This compact, multidirectional camera is perfect for simultaneously looking in two directions. With AXIS Object Analytics, the AXIS P4707-PLVE can detect and classify people, vehicles, and types of vehicles, all tailored to your specific needs. The AXIS P4707-PLVE Panoramic Camera is built with the latest ARTPEC-8 chip and supports advanced deep learning-based analytics.

Accessories PICSEE-180

Axis C1310-E Speaker

The Axis C1310-E network speaker deters unwanted visitors detected by the cameras with its smart, easy-to-integrate Axis C1310-E network speaker. Alternatively, use it to give spoken instructions. This robust speaker is perfect for outdoor environments in most climates.

Axis A9161 Network I/O Module

The Axis A9161 Network I/O Relay Module responds to inputs, such as signals from PIR motion detectors or switches, to trigger actions. Ideal for turning lights on and off, receiving power outage notifications, and opening the E-box door.