with a 360° camera

Complete overview with the 360° camera, including cameras, lighting, speaker, and an I/O module.

The well-known camera mast

The PICSEE-360 is our well-known camera mast, with a twist. Equipped with a new, improved Axis Q6315-LE PTZ camera, this mast provides extensive coverage with its 360° view. This model can also be equipped with an Axis Q6135-LE camera, which is more cost-effective than the standard version as it lacks laser focus and Quickzoom.

Don’t miss anything with the bright lamps

This security mast comes with standard green lighting at 520 Nm, but you can also choose between a white 6000K and infrared 850 Nm. Need to change the lamp? Thanks to a waterproof connector, this can be done within 5 minutes. You can control the lights remotely via the app. In addition to the powerful lamps, the mast also features an Axis C1310-E Network Speaker, allowing you to address visitors from wherever you are.

Complete system

The PICSEE-360 includes:

An E box with:

Extra options

Make the PICSEE-360 even more complete with:

Cameras PICSEE-360

Axis Q6100-E Network Camera

The Axis Q6100-E has 4 x 5 MP sensors, providing a complete 360° overview with top-quality images, whether it’s day or night. The Axis Q6100-E enables automatic PTZ tracking: once movement is detected, the PTZ camera automatically follows the object. The interchangeable lenses offer maximum flexibility and precise configuration. The Axis Zipstream significantly reduces bandwidth and storage requirements without compromising image quality.

Axis Q6315-LE PTZ Network Camera

The Axis Q6315-LE is the latest camera from Axis Communications. The laser focus is even more precise and faster due to the 31x optical zoom. This makes it easy to track fast-moving objects, even in pitch darkness. Shadows are processed more effectively. Additionally, the TPM module ensures secure storage of all cryptographic keys and certificates.

Accessories PICSEE-360

Axis C1310-E Speaker

Deter unwanted guests detected by the cameras with the smart, easy-to-integrate Axis C1310-E network speaker. Alternatively, you can use it to give spoken instructions. This robust speaker is perfect for outdoor environments in most climates.

Axis A9161 Network I/O Module

The Axis A9161 Network I/O Relay Module responds to inputs, such as signals from PIR motion detectors or switches, to trigger actions. Ideal for turning on and off lights, receiving power outage notifications, and opening the E-box door.