with reliable detection

Our security mast with thermal cameras and a PTZ camera that brings objects into view at a forensic level using zooming infrared.

Secure your premises with thermal cameras

The PICSEE-THERMAL is a security mast equipped with 2 Axis Q1951-E thermal cameras with a 7-millimeter lens. It is also possible to install Axis Perimeter Defender Software on the cameras for highly reliable detection. The cameras are placed on the sides of the mast, with an Axis Q6315-LE or Axis Q6135-LE PTZ camera with visual and infrared capabilities mounted on the front. This camera works in conjunction with the thermal cameras to track objects and provide a clear view at a forensic level.

Security mast with Strobe Siren

The PICSEE-THERMAL comes with the Strobe Siren. It can be remotely controlled, allowing you to choose different colours and turn the siren on or off from another location. Choose between green, blue, amber, red, and white colours. It’s possible to program the Axis D4100-E Strobe Siren in various ways, to adopt different patterns. This can be done through cooperation with the thermal cameras or by a command triggered by a virtual button. The siren delivers 110 decibels of sound and can switch between different melodies and intensities.

Complete system

The PICSEE-THERMAL includes:

An E box with:

Extra options

Enhance the PICSEE-THERMAL with:


Axis Q6315-LE PTZ Network Camera

The Axis Q6315-LE is ideal for urban surveillance, featuring a ½” sensor and 31x optical zoom. It has laser focus for precise focusing even in the dark and Speed Dry functionality for clear images in rainy weather.

Axis Q1951-E Thermal Camera

The Axis Q1951-E Thermal Camera has a 7mm lens with a horizontal field of view of 55 degrees and a vertical field of view of 40.7 degrees. It is equipped with a  Perimeter Defender software for highly reliable detection. It is mounted on either side of the mast, with the Axis Q6315-LE Camera in the middle and the Axis D4100-E Network Strobe Siren mounted at the rear.


Axis D4100-E Network Strobe Siren

The Axis D4100-E Network Strobe Siren is a device with multiple colours, including amber, red, white, green, and blue. It also features a built-in 110 dB siren, warning unwanted visitors that they are on prohibited premises. When intruders are detected, it starts with a standard blue light. Then flashes orange with a few siren beeps. Afterward, the light turns red, and an ear-piercing siren sound is activated.