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Cameras have been used for years to guarantee safety for people, personnel and equipment in all sorts of situations. More and more options are available in terms of video surveillance, and it is no longer always necessary to have a physical presence on-site to monitor a secured area. Temporary mobile video surveillance to ensure 24/7 monitoring of building sites, vacant properties or events is increasingly in demand. To meet this increasing demand, Axis partner partnered
with rental specialist Collé Rental & Sales.

Mobile video surveillance units offered by enable temporary autonomous monitoring of sites, structures, or events. The security masts use Axis PTZ 360° cameras. These cameras track and follow any object or person within the detection zone of the surveillance unit, so they do not disappear from view. Using AXIS Site Designer, the security masts are positioned in just the right place, so you can see exactly what is happening within the detection zone.

AXIS Companion software and AXIS Camera Station ensure easy installation of the cameras and provide assistance in configuring any audio messages. The user-
friendly tools make it possible for the units to be tailored to different needs in different situations. Rental specialist Collé arranges for the security masts to be delivered to the client and handles installation on site. then configures the detection zones and users remotely via a secure VPN tunnel.

The partnership between and Collé Rental &
Sales guarantees that end customers have access to a
solution that suits their specific situation. Depending on
the end customer’s preferences, security masts can be
equipped with PTZ cameras and audio. This flexible
solution enables 24/7 monitoring of building sites,
vacant structures or events.

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Cameras have been used for years to guarantee safety for people, personnel and equipment in all sorts of situations. More and more options are available in terms of video surveillance. While security once meant having a physical presence on-site to operate the surveillance cameras or guard the location, cameras are increasingly being used as an all-in surveillance solution without the need for employee involvement. How are autonomous surveillance cameras used and in which situations? And how can they contribute to even better security? is a provider of mobile camera applications. Their solution for mobile security masts, Picsee, enables autonomous camera monitoring of events, building sites, structures and events where security is needed. The units rely on cameras, audio and software from Axis Communications to provide the best possible
overview of the surrounding area. Who is and what makes these units so unique?

Precisely configured equipment
Founded in 2009, specializes in fixed andmobile video surveillance systems provided on a rental basis. The company supplies mobile security masts and can also provide software and electronics. The end-to-end units are based on 360° PTZ cameras and 180° cameras with object analytics from Axis.

In addition to delivering the units, also ensures that they are properly installed on site. Forexample, AXIS Site Designer is used to pinpoint where the units are placed and what areas are covered by the cameras. This is a useful tool for configuring the security cameras even before they are installed on site.
The end customer can also opt to connect the security masts directly to a control room. In that case, Collé’s account managers come up with a security plan, out-lining the steps to take in the event of a security risk.

Crowd control and temporary surveillance
The security masts offer infinite possibilities. Protect expensive building materials from theft on long-term construction projects, or keep squatters from taking up residence in temporarily vacant properties. The security units provide effective deterrents against
would-be burglars, since the location is clearly under video surveillance. At the same time, the system ensures that locations that are not always staffed are still monitored 24/7.

The units can also come in handy in places that attract large crowds, such as festivals or other major events.
These locations often have ‘lamp posts’ along the entry and exit routes that serve as security masts. These surveillance points monitor whether everything is going well within large crowds and notify on-site security if an unsafe situation arises. This alerts
security staff so they can respond quickly and get the situation under control.

360° cameras with public address systems
To ensure high-quality surveillance recordings that always provide clear images in any situation, Collé Rental & Sales partnered with The mobile security units supplied by rely on cameras, audio and software from Axis Communications. AXIS Companion software and AXIS Camera Station ensure easy installation of the cameras and provide assistance in configuring any audio messages.

In addition, the PTZ 360° cameras ensure that every object within the area covered by the mobile security units is tracked and followed. As a result, objects or people cannot disappear from view. Within the detection zone, the camera can move 360 degrees to view the area from all angles.

A 600-kg security presence for 24/7 monitoring

A major advantage of the units is that they are autonomous, so there is no need to hire security staff to manage the site. For example, this makes it possible to monitor building sites all night without a security guard being physically present. Despite low-light conditions at night, the cameras have sufficient visibility due to additional technology incorporated into the masts.

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"Mobile security masts are the perfect solution for temporary rental projects. We know that Axis cameras put us in the highest segment of mobile video surveillance anyway, since they are the ‘Rolls-Royce’ of security cameras.”
Dave van Dartel, owner of
picsee partner

The units weigh over 600 kilograms each, so they can safely be installed in remote locations, without any concerns that they might be stolen.

Another advantage is that the units can be battery-
operated in addition to running on mains power. This ensures continued operation of the security system in

the event of any unforeseen circumstances, such as power failure, malfunction or sabotage. In the event that mains power fails for any reason, a notification is immediately sent to so the outage can be fixed. Once the unit is installed on site, the control room is notified so they can perform a final check that the cameras are positioned correctly. Once this is done, the video surveillance unit is ready for use.

Growing demand for mobile security
“Thanks to our close partnership with, we are always innovating and finding new ways to satisfy the customer’s specific needs. While security has always been a major focus, we have seen demand for mobile security growing in recent years.

Obviously, digitalization is opening up more and more options, while apps and smartphones provide more user-friendly monitoring solutions. This creates opportunities in rentals of temporary ‘C-Watch’ security masts,” says Michael Verstraeten, Manager of Shops at Collé Rental & Sales.

Dave van Dartel, owner of, adds: “Mobile security masts are the perfect solution for temporary rental projects. This market originated in the Netherlands and we would like to expand it to the rest of Europe. We see that cameras are getting better and smarter. Axis cameras put us in the highest segment, since they are the ‘Rolls-Royce’ of security cameras. In the future, we plan to explore options for installing the units without mains power, for example having them run on solar energy. That would make it possible to install security masts at any location, without considering how to connect to mains power.”

“We are very pleased that our video and audio solutions are being used by and Collé Rental & Sales in their mobile video surveillance units. Video surveillance of sites and structures relies on clear images. That’s why Axis always strives to achieve the very best quality. Autonomous surveillance is becoming increasingly common, and the security masts supplied by are a perfect example. The partnership with and Collé ensures that end customers have fast, reliable access to high-quality mobile security masts equipped with the right technology,” concludes Jeroen Dijkmans van Gunst, Account Manager at Axis Communications.

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