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City centre of Breda and Roermond


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Mobile security masts ‘PICSEE-360’

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Picsee’s camera masts are hired for challenging projects where only the best security measures are needed. This year, for the third consecutive year, Picsee will be providing camera masts to the municipality of Breda to secure the city centre during the carnival season. Additionally, for the first time, we will also be ensuring the safety of Municipality of Roermond with 4 of our PICSEE-360s! In Breda, we will have a total of 7 mobile camera masts deployed this carnival season. The respective Picsee units will be delivered in week 5 and picked up in week 8 of 2024. To delve deeper into our current project, this blog will provide insights with our partner Vision ISP, on behalf of the Municipality of Breda.

Personalized service and configuration

One of the cornerstones of Picsee’s approach is listening to the specific needs of the customer. This ensures not only standard service delivery but also customization to meet the unique requirements of each customer.

In addition to our 6 standard security masts, we fully tailor our offerings to the needs of our customers, in this case, the municipalities of Breda and Roermond. This includes selecting the type of camera, lighting options, and the number of batteries used. The possibilities are extensive, ranging from stripped-down configurations to systems with solar panels or without batteries.

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For these projects, a total of 11 of our PICSEE-360 camera masts have been hired. These masts are ideal for crowd control and offer complete situational awareness with a 360-degree view eliminating blind spots. The mast is equipped with 4 sensors of 5 Megapixels each placed around, along with a PTZ camera. The 4 surrounding sensors provide a fixed position and a complete 360-degree view, while the PTZ camera can be directed to specific points, allowing forensic-level zooming in on crucial details.

To provide further insights, we have presented the following questions to our partner Vision ISP regarding the project in the Municipality of Breda…

What is the focus of this project in terms of securing the environment?

The city centre of Breda already has a large and high-quality camera surveillance system in place. Now, with carnival 2024 approaching, there will be an influx of visitors from both within and outside the municipality of Breda. The current camera surveillance system is not sufficient to map out all the pedestrian routes, gathering points, or additional bicycle parking areas for this event. Therefore, the emphasis for this project is on deploying temporary camera surveillance at strategic locations to ensure safety and oversight during carnival in the city centre of Breda. 

Why were Picsee’s camera masts chosen this year for securing the city centre?

Picsee responds quickly and works meticulously. They engage in collaborative thinking and demonstrate a hands-on mentality. These are precisely the qualities demanded by such temporary situations, which is why we chose Picsee.

Why did you opt for the PICSEE-360?

The combination of a multi-sensor camera and a PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) on one mast provides both overview and detail around the camera position. With a mast position featuring only a PTZ, you’re always limited to the preset field of view, unless you’re continuously monitoring. The limitation of a multi-sensor camera is that, in the event of an incident, surveillance personnel cannot control the camera remotely, resulting in loss of detail. By placing a PTZ alongside a multi-sensor camera, this issue is resolved. It’s an ideal combination of passive overview around the position and active surveillance!

Software integration

In line with the unique requirements of the Municipality of Breda and Roermond, the mobile masts are specially configured and connected to the municipalities’ control rooms. This integration eliminates the need for additional software installations or purchasing new equipment. The cameras can be remotely added to the municipalities’ existing control room software, simplifying and streamlining management.

Unique customer requirement

These projects focus specifically on ensuring safety during carnival. With the bustling city centre as a variable environment, Picsee’s security solution is designed to be flexible and effective everywhere. Picsee’s distinguishing feature is the ability to fully customize each security mast according to the specific needs of the municipalities of Breda and Roermond. No two masts are the same; Picsee delivers tailor-made systems based on the unique customer requirements.

Hiring Picsee for your project?

On behalf of the Municipality of Breda, Picsee is once again committed to successfully securing the city centre during carnival 2024, deploying a total of 7 mobile camera masts to deliver customization and service beyond standard security measures.

The Municipality of Roermond will be kept safe during and around the carnival days with 4 of our PICSEE-360s. The focus is on flexibly deploying temporary camera surveillance at strategic locations to ensure safety and oversight during the bustling event.

Through quick responses, precision, and a hands-on mentality, Picsee distinguishes itself as the ideal partner for any project. The various capabilities of the PICSEE-360, integration with control rooms, and meeting unique customer requirements highlight Picsee’s commitment to customized solutions. With this approach, Picsee remains a reliable partner capable of meeting the specific needs of each customer, thereby contributing to a safe and successful celebration of the carnival season in the city centres of Breda and Roermond.

Interested in hiring Picsee’s security masts for your project? Contact us directly for more information. We are eager to schedule a non-binding appointment to hear all your security needs!