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Secure events with Picsee

Secure events with Picsee

With the recent easing, a good time is coming for the events sector! Festivals and fairs are possible again, and other summer activities can also continue. But that also raises a familiar question: how do I best secure my event?


Picsee has the answer to this: with our temporary camera security! We deliver the best quality for the security of any event. At an event, you have to be able to secure a lot. To organize a festival, it is often necessary to rent expensive equipment. For example, microphones, amplifiers, and speakers. And if you want to capture the performances, sharp HD cameras are also very useful. Unfortunately, this makes the event interesting not only for festival-goers but also for thieves. In addition, it is wise to oversee troublemakers or pickpockets during the event.


To properly arrange event security, you definitely need some security gear:
  • Good cameras that can capture everything, should an uninvited guest appear;
  • An alarm system that deters and immediately alerts you;
  • The right connection through which you will be informed of an emergency immediately.
Our systems can offer all this because we develop all our installations in the Netherlands and only work with experienced manufacturers and suppliers. Thus, installation is fast, and the ease of use is ideal.

Sharp cameras

Our well-known installations consist of cabinets equipped with a mast with five sharp cameras, which can search the entire site. Supplemented with a 4G router, you can count on a quick notification when something suspicious is detected. Picsee offers you an app on which you can immediately view all the footage recorded. This way, you can quickly respond to a possible theft. Whether this happens in the dead of night or during the day during the festival. A built-in modern alarm system even allows you to leave a message, which is played on-site by a loudspeaker when the alarm goes off.

Security of equipment, staff, and guests

With expensive equipment and hijackers on the coast, it is best to be well prepared. Especially now that you want to take advantage of the good times that are coming. With Picsee’s camera surveillance, you can be sure that the safety at your event is well taken care of. For optimal protection of equipment, staff, and guests, please contact Picsee!

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