Temporary Security

Looking for temporary security for your premises? Ideal for construction sites, solar parks, parking lots, and (temporary) vacant buildings. PICSEE’s mobile camera masts mitigate risks such as burglary, theft, and vandalism. With the temporary camera masts, your premises will be secure 24/7.


Together with you, we determine the necessary camera configuration to optimize the security of your premises. Our cameras detect movements, such as individuals, vehicles, or other moving objects. PICSEE’s camera surveillance immediately sends notifications accordingly. Depending on your preferences, these notifications can be sent to an alarm center or your private phone or tablet. Additionally, the installation is equipped with a speaker that addresses intruders.

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High Image Quality

High-quality Axis cameras. Due to these cameras, you can detect any unwanted visitors on your premises and your construction site, parking lot, or solar park will be secured 24/7. The cameras utilize intelligent software and laser focus to keep the situation under control at all times. The quality is clearly reflected in the images, where every part of your premises can be viewed in razor-sharp detail.

Insight with the Axis app

Watch live, anytime and anywhere what is happening on your premises. If there is an incident on your site, you will receive an immediate notification so you can take prompt action. Additionally, you can request and review the footage. The stream is crystal-clear, providing you with a clear picture of what is happening.


Suitable for every site

PICSEE security masts feature a compact steel box that offers a wide range of applications, such as security, lighting, and speaker installations. Due to the stabilizing legs and easy installation, it can be deployed on any terrain.

Subsequently, the PICSEE can be customized with electronic installations tailored to the specific needs of the user, including lighting, speakers, battery, and cameras. The possibilities are extensive, and the entire installation can be tailor-made.

For optimal overview on any terrain, the mobile setup includes a 7-meter-high mast. The telescopic mast can be effortlessly extended in the vertical direction using a hand winch. Furthermore, the complete security box can be delivered in your company’s branding. Since we handle the production in-house, modifications to the steel frame are also possible.

Interested in temporary security?

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