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Who’s Picsee?

Who’s Picsee?

At Picsee we specialize in guarding every site. We do this with the best developed systems that supervise construction sites, real estate and personnel. This way you can be sure that your belongings and people are safe.

No uninvited visitors

At Picsee, we offer the solution to monitor and even ban uninvited visitors in various industries. Fortunately, our systems are suitable for many applications. For example, we can do something for the protection of:
  • Festival grounds, where a lot of valuable material is stored. For  example, microphones,  speakers, and instruments;
  • Construction sites, where you take care of expensive work vehicles and other construction equipment;
  • Real estate, whose residents you want to protect against theft.
Thus, Picsee’s installations contribute to the protection of your property, and at the same time, you can guarantee the safety of others. Everywhere where valuable material is stored, a Picsee system is in place.

Developed in the Netherlands

All Picsee systems are developed in the Netherlands with components from approved manufacturers. Consequently, we are able to offer an installation that gives you many surveillance options. With a built-in 4G router, the video signals can even cover a great distance. Therefore, you will receive a notification immediately if/when a suspicious situation occurs. We also supply a recorder that can store 2 TB of video and data. Therefore, nothing escapes the five cameras supplied. Everything is being watched.

Safety and quality

Thus, Picsee stands for safety and quality. With the guarantee that all our installations provide ample protection, you do not have to worry about theft as much. With the best technologies, we easily surveil your site. Look up the modern camera images in an app with ease, which can be opened on your smartphone, computer, or tablet. It is even possible to leave a message, which plays over a speaker when the alarm goes off.

Peace of mind

For a safe and secure feeling, you can count on Picsee’s security systems. The high-quality cameras pick up any movement in every terrain. This way, continue the construction of your event site, the construction of your project, or running your business with peace of mind. For more information about our safe installations, please contact us quickly!

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